Salvia Women's Therapy Centre currently offers the following services:

One-to-one therapy: individual therapy based on psychodynamic principles. Psychotherapy sets out to understand the underlying causes of a wide range of difficulties, which may sometimes be linked to particular experiences.

Taster sessions: These sessions give women the opportunity to explore feelings and fears about using mental health services and offer some insight into psychotherapy/talking therapies and the benefits of such therapy.

Psycho-education groups: a specific type of group therapy consisting of clients that all share similar difficulties. Psycho-education groups focus on coping with specific difficulties but also on the clients own strengths, resources and coping skills in order to contribute to their health and wellness on a long-term basis.


Referral to Salvia Women's Therapy Centre is via self-referral or through a community group or voluntary sector organisation.

Salvia Women's Therapy Centre prioritises referrals from women who: